Rwby fanfiction ruby is secretly a faunus

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I'm More Than A Faunus Chapter 1: The First Meeting, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

Ruby had always been fairly confident and sure of herself in most of her endeavors. She had a few bumps in the road, to be sure. Taking the mantle of team RWBY's leader was by far the largest hump in that road she traveled, but she felt that she had risen to meet the challenge as best she could. Now she faced a dilemma. Her own personal demons, as it were.

I thought I'd start off with a light, simple story. It's set at Beacon before Volume 3. Any reviews good or bad would be greatly appreciated. Ruby Rose was hiding something, and Blake was determined to find out what. She had noticed the behavior last month, but last week's sparring had shown it more clearly than ever: Ruby had stopped using her semblance.
Regarding romance, I wanted to explore "love" alongside Ruby. I would answer more Weiss' footsteps echoed in the dorm room as she paced back and forth, her teammates staring at her. She stopped and took a deep breath. Though Ruby was crushed between Yang's arms and assets, her tail whipped back and forth in happiness.