Is being a pornstar a sin

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By watching pornography, you are being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unfaithful to your spouse, as well as partaking in something that is immoral in the eyes of God. Pornography is a real problem even for religious people. Every second, 3, Every second, 28, Internet users are viewing pornography. Roughly 2.

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What Does The Bible Say About Pornography? | GBN

A pastor who once made millions as "the world's hottest porn star" has shared how she gave her life to Christ after the voice of God dissuaded her from committing suicide. Brittni De La Mora, formerly known as Jenna Presley, was once a rising star in the adult film industry. She came in second on porn icon Jenna Jameson's Playboy TV reality show Jenna's American Sex Star, was dubbed Howard Stern's "smartest porn star", and in , Maxim magazine named her one of the world's top 12 female porn stars. De La Mora was first introduced to the sex industry at the age of 16 following a troubled childhood filled with abuse and neglect.

10 Pornstars Who Gave Their Life to Christ After Years Of Living In Sin

A consort 1 means a companion or partner. A whoremonger 2 is someone who consorts 1 with whores 3. A whore 3 is someone who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse. When someone willfully uses pornography, they become a whoremonger 2.
After several years in the industry, Nadia styles who joined the porn industry at the age of 19 finally took a step out of the porn industry. She started living a regular life, with a regular job. However, an expensive porn star lifestyle that she had lived led her to go back shooting and she got an opportunity to work at the Bunny Ranch, a legal whore house.