Im 13 and want to have sex

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Ok me an my bf are both 13 and we brought up the topic of having sex we found out we are both ready and we are gonna go do it the next time I go to his house we are going to use protection what do u guys think??? I know you think you are ready for sex. But it's not sex you must be ready for it is the consequences of having sex you must be ready for. If you are ready to be an adult with a baby then yes you are ready for sex. Can you have a life long disease some of which can kill you.

I'm 13, and want to have sex: will it hurt?

I'm 13, and want to have sex: will it hurt? | Scarleteen

Guest over a year ago. Pixizeh over a year ago. DMC over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago Honey, take it from a 14 year old mother of 6 month old twins and 2 months pregnant, sex is bad.

I'm 13 and want to have sex?

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Sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming, and people think they have to act on them to get them to go away. There is a lot more to having a good sexual experience than just feeling desire or being curious about what sex might feel like. It is important to also have a healthy and trusting relationship with a partner before you have any kind of sexual experience.