Home made flesh light

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Sex toys have come a long way since they were first made and they have assisted men and women in many ways despite the popular belief that only women use sex toys the fact that the usage of sex toys has significantly increased in men especially in the last few years cannot be ignored. Male masturbators also known as pocket pussies are one of the latest inventions which are nothing but artificial vaginas that are designed to provide the ultimate pleasure to the men who are bored of using their hand for masturbating purposes. Also check our article on best cock milking machine get daily awesome blowjobs at home. The other variant of the pocket pussy is the fleshlight which is designed to be more discrete and is so smooth and soft that you feel that your penis feels that it is in the pussy. Even though pocket pussies are in great demand among men of various ages men still feel shy and embarrassed to buy or ask for an artificial pussy.

How To Make A Pocket Pussy: 5 Homemade Masturbators

7 Easy Ways to Make a Homemade Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

One of the most popular ways to make a DIY pocket pussy. There are many variations on this homemade Fleshlight, but the basic idea is that you roll out a towel and fold it in half. Next, place a latex glove or a condom inside it, leaving the end sticking about an inch out. Then you simply roll up the towel, use some rubber bands to hold it in place, and voila! This is one of the best ways to make a tight faux pussy — just be sure to use lots of water-based lube.

Homemade Fleshlight: It’s Possible But Is It Worth It?

Last Updated on May 29, If any of the above describes you at all a homemade masturbator might be the perfect temporary solution for you. I say temporary because, for me, nothing really beats a genuine Fleshlight. But they are expensive to buy and their bulky size means that they are not always practical to transport.
They are stimulating devices imitating a pleasure hole that you can fill and pump until you get to the desired peak. Your local workshops in combination with your regular household items can be very useful in this sphere. Here are several ways for you to reproduce a homemade artificial vagina or whatever you want it to be. Just think of a household tool that can be firm and supple enough to be able to satisfy you.