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Sign up for the free Billy Penn email newsletter to get everything you need to know about Philadelphia, every day. With so many people stuck inside, alone, for six months straight, manufacturers say business is now booming. Some of that is trickling down to small businesses in Philly. A few of the local adult entertainment stores are seeing profits that are actually up from before the pandemic. Small sex shops distinguish themselves from big online retailers with customer service, including the experience of touching products before you buy. Both are difficult right now, and many are seeing an overall drop in revenue.

Philly sex shops are seeing some interesting coronavirus shopping trends

Philly sex shops during coronavirus: Vibrator sales and online classes boom - On top of Philly news

I had to laugh. It was an excellent question. And I knew exactly why she was asking. We were mostly couples out that night, trying to defrost from the social deep freeze of lockdown-turned-still-working-from-home-spending-all-day-talking-to-the-fridge. Inevitably that means everyone lying about how much Pilates they now do and how much they love working from home. But I think the most irritating line is how the new normal has been nothing short of Virus Viagra for our sex lives. When actually, coronavirus has done bugger all for our sex lives.

Coronavirus Has Created a Sex Boom—but Maybe Not a Baby Boom

One of the creative activities that has been given a fillip by lockdown is erotica. W hen the first coronavirus-related erotica appeared on Literotica, one of the largest erotic fiction websites, in mid-March, the moderators were not sure if it was fit to print. Within a week, they were receiving a handful of sex stories relating to the virus every single day. As billions around the world went into lockdown, some people had seemingly found a new inspiration in isolation; quarantine-related porn started to appear online, and erotica writers began to self-publish lockdown romances on Amazon. Given the influx of coronavirus-related erotica, the moderators decided to hold a contest.
The clubs are shut. The pubs are shut. Tinder dates are canceled. One-night stands are practically illegal. But, despite these obvious hurdles, coronavirus has still created a sex industry sales boom.